Fuller Seminary Supports DACA Students: A Message from President Mark Labberton


Fuller Seminary President Mark Labberton issued the following statement in support of Fuller student, Norma Ramirez, and her suit against the Trump Administration for ending the DACA program:

“Recently, in a powerful document that was fueled and inspired by the courage and remarkable stories of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, six Dreamers sued the Trump administration over its decision to end the DACA program in March of 2018. Among the plaintiffs is our doctoral student of Clinical Psychology at the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, Norma Ramirez.

While we cannot comment on the specifics of the legal case, Fuller Theological Seminary, and its Graduate School of Psychology, stand by and stand behind, Norma. Ms. Ramirez is a survivor, a fighter and a visionary—she embodies the American Dream. She was brought to the United States from Mexico when she was five years old and was raised in Nevada where she completed her high school and college education. With DACA and fierce determination, Norma came to us to pursue her dream of becoming a psychologist. She earned her Master’s degree in clinical psychology in 2017 and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. With DACA and the support of many who care for her, she has had the opportunity of realizing her full potential. Ms. Ramirez has had to fight against many obstacles and challenges, but her unwavering commitment to serving others, to uplifting youth and families that are too often ignored, remains steady and focused.

We believe that as one of the leading evangelical academic institutions in the world, Fuller Seminary must take an informed Christian and civic engagement stance toward injustice against the most vulnerable. As the predicament of over 800,000 DACA recipients is most concerning, we urge the government to find an immediate solution to protect these “productive young people.” We also urge for a pro-family solution, where DACA is protected, but not at the expense of their families. As a faith-based, academic institution, we believe in the power of prayer and intercession. We want to encourage others to join us in a week of prayer for the future of DACA. The week of October 15th to 21st would be a time where all our nation is invited to pray for the Dreamers, for young brave men and women like Norma.”

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