Frequently Asked Questions

Northwest Campus

Can I take classes without having to sign up for a full degree?

Yes. To explore your options you can look at the "Non-degree" options listed below.

Limited Enrollment Student* - This option allows you to take up to 6 classes for credit. Should you eventually decide to pursue a degree at Fuller, these courses can be counted toward your degree.

Certificate of Christian Studies* - To earn a certificate students take 6 classes for credit. After the 6 courses are completed, students write an integrative essay synthesizing what they have learned.

Audit* - An audit student takes classes for personal growth and learning without academic credit being recorded on transcripts.

*An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution is required to apply for any of these non-degree options. Limited Enrollment Students, Certificate students and auditors must first apply to the seminary and once accepted they may register for courses.

Do I have to have an undergraduate degree to attend Fuller?

Yes. In order to take classes as a regular or audit student you must hold a bachelor's degree with a GPA of at least 2.7 from an accredited institution.

Is it possible to sit in on a class before applying?

Yes. You can email Katie Himmelrick-Bruce at to set up a time to sit in on a class session.

I took Greek as an undergraduate student. Will those classes transfer over to Fuller?

Since Fuller offers only graduate-level courses, Greek and/or Hebrew classes taken at the undergraduate level will not transfer in to Fuller. However, if you feel you have a solid understanding of either of these languages you can take a Greek or Hebrew waiver exam with us. If you pass the exam the credits that would have been earned by taking language classes may be through taking electives toward your degree.

If I start classes at the Northwest Campus can I easily transfer those classes to the Pasadena campus?

Yes. Once you've been admitted to Fuller you will be able to take classes from any of our campuses.

Is it possible to come into the office to meet with someone about class and degree options?

Yes, you can arrange a visit by emailing our Admissions Counselor, Katie at

Are there scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, we have both financial aid and scholarships available for students. To learn more about these options, please visit our Financial Aid page.

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