Work for Mutual Understanding and Community in Contexts of Diversity

Nurturing reconciliation and building community amidst racial and cultural diversity is a challenging, complex process. This emphasis equips students with foundational research and assessment skills to think both theologically and sociologically about racial, ethnic, or cultural conflict. Through courses, emphasis activities, and involvement in local community advocacy, students develop the tools to work for mutual respect and reconciliation in multicultural contexts.


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Race and Christian Identity in the New Testament

This course helps students develop a biblically based approach to identity by exploring the relationship between racial, ethnic, and Christian identity

The Theology and Ethics of Martin Luther King Jr.

Students deepen the theological grounding of their own ethics by learning to apply the insights of Dr. King’s theology and ethics to their own ministries

Methods for Observing and Interpreting Culture

Learning basic skills in analyzing cultural data, students design and execute a pilot research project focusing on culture, race identity, or race reconciliation

Asian American Identity and Ministry

Valuable for students of all cultures and ethnicities, this course explores approaches to theology, leadership, and discipleship in Asian American contexts

Preaching in the African American Tradition

In this practicum course, students hone their competence in preaching that articulates the theologically reflective traditions of the African American pulpit

Teología de la Comunidad Latina [Theology of the Latino/a Community]

Students develop a more informed understanding of and approaches to religious practices, leadership, and mission for Latino/a contexts


Students can pursue this emphasis at all six Fuller campuses or online, enabling them to remain in their ministry and home contexts if they wish.


Fuller forms global leaders for kingdom vocations. We are, therefore, committed to helping our students understand the complexity of the changes brought on by globalization missiologically and to equipping them for the accompanying challenges. Challenges such as unfair practices along race and gender lines need to be confronted with strategies developed from a good understanding of cultural dynamics, leadership theories, and intercultural communication. True reconciliation happens only when social injustice is dealt with truthfully and spiritually.Peter Lim
Headington Assistant Professor of Global Leadership Development
There is no problem in the church more pressing for this current generation than the problem of racial division in the body of Christ. Racism and prejudice infect the very DNA of the church in the West and thus affect both its gathering and its sending. In this emphasis we give students the conceptual, spiritual, biblical, and interpersonal tools leaders need to build lasting interracial and multiracial coalitions that allow the church to be an effective moral witness in the midst of deepening social fragmentation.Love Sechrest
Associate Professor of New Testament
The Creator God dreamed of a world with diversity. In filling the earth God foresaw the multicultural nature of our ethnicities and languages. In giving us each a culture—‘From one ancestor he made all nations to inhabit the whole earth, and he allotted the times of their existence and the places where they would live’ (Acts 17:26)—God dreamed of your migration pattern and blessed you with your cultural and ethnic heritage! Are you ready for the engagement that this emphasis will facilitate as you take classes, relate with peers, and work in the community?Johnny Ramírez-Johnson
Professor of Anthropology and Profesor del Centro Latino


Love Sechrest, Associate Professor of New Testament

Hak Joon Lee, Lewis B. Smedes Professor of Christian Ethics

Johnny Ramírez-Johnson, Professor of Anthropology and Profesor del Centro Latino

Peter Lim, Headington Assistant Professor of Global Leadership Development

Theologian Willie Jennings discusses the “deep contradictions” of racism in the American church on this podcast with President Mark Labberton. Listen on iTunes. Listen on Google Play. Listen on FULLER studio.
Ethicist Hak Joon Lee draws on the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. and others to offer two keys to reconciliation—read now