Children at Risk

From the AIDS orphan to the child soldier to the sexually exploited young girl, alarming numbers of kids struggle in unjust situations that put them in crisis. Even more children lead lives of deprivation, exclusion, and vulnerability. Yet the church has a mandate to care for them—but how?

Through the Children at Risk emphasis, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the problems children face in today’s world and how Christians globally are responding. Our faculty—leading scholars and seasoned practitioners in ministry with children at risk—will equip you to reflect theologically and missiologically on these critical concerns and develop new and effective strategies for change.

How will you reach out to children in need with Christ’s holistic care?

Social Justice & Advocacy at Fuller

Rachel Goble Carey (MACCS, 2010)
Children at Risk Emphasis at Fuller Theological Seminary - Video

Featured Faculty

Emphasis Faculty

Christa Crawford*
Cynthia Eriksson
Bryant Myers
Dave Scott
Richard Stellway*
Jude Tiersma-Watson

*affiliate or adjunct faculty

Alumni Perspectives

Shelton Oakley Hersey (MAICS, 2012)

While studying at Fuller, my Children at Risk courses and involvement with the Children at Risk student group opened my mind to the interconnectedness of children and youth with greater community. I learned how to think comprehensively about the needs of an individual child and how their family, peers, school, community, country, and culture all play a role in helping them thrive. Now, working with youth in the inner city of Johannesburg, I daily grapple with the different issues facing each one of them and feel better equipped to fully engage with their entire lives rather than merely one aspect. What is more, the Children at Risk emphasis affirmed and broadened my theological and experienced-based belief that children and youth are powerful role models and voices for unity, reconciliation, change, and hope—bringing the kingdom of God to earth. Since my time in the School of Intercultural Studies, I am much more passionate and intentional about truly empowering the at-risk children in my life through relationships and programs that exercise their leadership, voice, and contribution.

Nelli Karkkainen (MACCS, 2008)

When coming to Fuller to study in the MA in Cross-Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Children at Risk, I knew that I wanted to work with children in a cross-cultural setting. But throughout my program God used the classes, professors, and other students to challenge my thinking and to focus my direction into either hands-on work or research with trafficked and/or sexually exploited children in Southeast Asia. Even having already graduated from the program I am still constantly continuing to broaden and wrestle with my knowledge about God’s heart for children at risk around the world and sharing what I learn with others.

Curriculum Requirements

To earn an emphasis in Children at Risk,** students must fulfill the emphasis requirements (16 units) listed below:

Required Courses (8 units):

MD575 Childhood in Global Perspective
MD543 Mission with Children at Risk

Choose two courses from the provided categories (8 units):

MD524 Advocacy for Social Justice
MD525 Poverty and Development
MD528 Development Tools and Practices
MD544 Ministry with Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Children
MD545 Ministry with Street Children
MD554 Ministry with Children Affected by HIV/AIDS
MD555 Research with Children
MD556 Orphanage Alternatives
MM568 Self-Care in Mission

Scheduled Courses

Required Courses (8 units):

MD543, MD575

The following scheduled courses fulfill this emphasis requirement.

Catalog Number Course Title Faculty Term Location
MD575 Childhood: Global Perspectives Scott, D H Fall 2015 Pasadena

Choose Two (8 units):

MD524, MD525, MD528, MD544, MD545, MD554, MD555, MD556, MM568

The following scheduled courses fulfill this emphasis requirement.

Catalog Number Course Title Faculty Term Location
MD524 Advocacy for Social Justice

Finkler, K T

Taylor, T F

Summer 2015 Pasadena
MD556 Orphan Adoption Alternatives Ryan, S J Summer 2015 Pasadena
MD544 Sexually Exploited Children Crawford, C F Summer 2015 Fuller Online

Emphasis courses are scheduled on a rotation and may not be available every quarter. For descriptions of courses that fulfill this emphasis, please visit the Academic Catalog.

**New emphasis structure is effective beginning Fall 2014. For information on your current emphasis track, contact your academic advisor.

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