Advocate for young people and support them in all God wants them to be

This emphasis equips youth workers—and anyone who works with and cares deeply about young people and their families—with guidance that is research-based, theological, and practical. From faculty who are leading experts in the field, students learn to advocate for adolescents and emerging adults by synthesizing their developmental trajectories and sociological contexts into the spiritual support they need for lifelong faith.

Fuller Seminary students discussing youth family and culture

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Youth Ministry in Practice + National Youth Workers Convention

Get insights from the current texts of leading voices in youth ministry—and meet some of them at the National Youth Worker Convention

Emerging Adult Spirituality and Ministry

Develop an understanding of the unique developmental and cultural worlds emerging adults inhabit, and a missionally faithful way to support their spiritual journeys

Adolescent Faith Longevity

Learn the dynamics of long-term faith development among adolescents through the integration of theological reflection and social science research

Leading Change Through Youth Ministry Contexts

Explore ways to apply theology, leadership, and organizational change theories toward various ministry contexts that seek to advocate for young people


Students can pursue this emphasis at all six Fuller campuses or online, enabling them to remain in their ministry and home contexts if they wish.


Through the Youth, Family, and Culture emphasis, I have seen how great God’s character is, and how I need to become more sensitive—to meet people where they are, and take action by addressing social issues in a theological way. Derrick Wells, Current Student
While young adults ages 18–29 make up 22 percent of the US adult population, they represent fewer than 10 percent of churchgoers. At the Fuller Youth Institute we set out to learn from churches that are bucking this trend—and found that most any church can better engage young people. That’s the kind of practical research we share in our youth, family, and culture courses.” Kara Powell, emphasis faculty member and Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute
We study where kids are, where families are—what’s happening around the world and the changes that are affecting them—in order not only to understand but to serve them in Christ’s name. You can’t separate human development from spiritual development. So that’s what we do here at Fuller: we study what it means to care for kids in terms of the whole person.” Chap Clark, emphasis faculty member and leading youth and family scholar


Chap Clark, Chair and Professor of Youth, Family and Culture

Kara Powell, Assistant Professor of Youth and Family Ministry and Executive Director, Fuller Youth Institute

Steven Argue, Assistant Professor of Youth, Family and Culture and Applied Research Strategist, Fuller Youth Institute



Already have a master’s degree? Check out Fuller’s Doctor of Ministry in Youth, Family, and Culture or PhD in Practical Theology with an emphasis in Youth, Family, and Culture.

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Kara Powell reflects on her calling to work with young people—watch now